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About Tourne-Sol Co-operative Farm

Our cooperative farm has 7 members and a dozen employees who are all passionate about good food, gardening, seed production, and ecology.

This shared interest led us to start Tourne-Sol cooperative farm in the fall of 2004. We run our business as a workers co-operative. In farming together following ecological principles, we have built a democratic, diversified and sustainable enterprise.

La Ferme Coopérative Tourne-Sol is situated in les Cèdres, Quebec, about 60 km west of Montreal.  Find us on Google Maps here. We farm on 17 acres (7ha) of land partly owned and partly rented from neighbouring organic grain producers.

We strive to produce agricultural products of the highest quality according to organic standards and agro-ecological principles; to build strong community ties in our region; and to promote organic agriculture as a viable food production system.

Meet Your Farmers

  • Daniel Brisebois

  • Emily Board

  • Frédéric Thériault

  • Reid Allaway

  • Renée Primeau

  • Sophie Descoteaux

  • Julien Vedel

Dan manages our seed enterprise. He is also co-author (with Fred) of Crop Planning for Organic Vegetable Growers.
He blogs about farming and seeds at: and teaches farmers about better spreadsheet systems at:

Dan has a B. Sc. in agricultural engineering from McGill University. Dan also happens to be married to Emily.

Emily is Tourne-Sol's seed production manager. Emily likes packing seed, keeping bees, and raising her two children with husband Dan.

Fred is in charge of general farm administration, and manages our vegetable basket program, while trying to keep a tie with the field. He studied (BSc, MSc) and taught agriculture at McGill. Fred published the book Crop Planning for Vegetable Growers with Dan in 2010. Fred loves playing music, dancing, staying up late and being involved in his community. He lives in Ste-Anne with his lovely wife Dana and his four children.

Reid grew up in Northern Ontario and studied Agriculture and Environmental Science at McGill University before Tourne-Sol was born. Reid is Tourne-Sol's resident fix-it guy and a compulsive tinkerer. Reid loves to figure out how and why things work. Farming is thus a perpetually stimulating pursuit because he'll never really understand exactly how it all works. Same goes for his adorable and utterly illogical children Phoebe, and Elliot.

Renée studied agriculture and environmental science at McGill University. At Tourne-Sol farm Renée manages the seedling greenhouse, organic certification, pest control and flower production. She is married to Reid and together they have 2 amazing kids, Phoebe and Elliot.

Sophie started at Tourne-Sol in 2013 and became a member in 2019. She works in the seeds department; and takes care of the graphics, customer service, and sales for our seed rack program. Sophie always had a passion for music, and launched her third album in 2019.

Julien started with the coop in 2015 and became a member in 2019. He is one of our team leaders in the field. He is also in charge of early vegetable production in unheated greenhouses. He has worked in the restaurant industry, and likes good food, and good live music.

Tourne-Sol Apprentices & Employees Through The Ages

Select any apprentice to find out more about them.

  • Amelie

    Amélie Bourbonnais

    With her B.A. in theater design, Amélie worked as a technical director on many concerts, festivals, theater plays, and more! When she met Aurélien through work, they decided to change careers and switch  to a a line of work with a different pace of life that better lined up with their ecological values.

    Amélie first came to Tourne-Sol in 2013 to do a 10-day stage as part of her studies at L’École des métiers de l’horticulture de Montréal at the Montreal Botanical Garden. At the time she thought she wanted to start an edible landscaping company with Aurélien. But then she got bit by the organic farming bug!

  • Andrea Guay

    Andrea Guay

    Andrea Guay has a BA in Environmental Studies and a minor in Spanish. It was through her studies that she discovered a passion for food issues and sustainable agriculture. A scholarly interest combined with a love of hands-in-the-dirt suddenly made for a clear vocation: farming! Since graduating, Andrea has worked and volunteered on diverse farms in Ontario and South America, exploring different crops and methods. She aims to gain a wide variety of agricultural and life experiences, before undertaking her own farm dream.

  • New-Aurelien

    Aurélien Merlet-Pochard

    Aurélien has a B.A in English Literature then he studied stage production. When Aurélien left France to come and work as a light technician in Québec, his plan was to make a bit of money and then travel the world. He didn’t plan on meeting Amélie! When he did, they convinced each other to quit their jobs, but rather than go traveling they’ve jumped into farming. After 2 years of landscape design course, Aurélien is now working at Tourne-Sol.

    Aurel also really likes talking about trees.

  • Brendan LG

    Brendan Harry

    Brendan grew up on a skateboard. Inspired by Captain Planet and National Geographic, Brendan studied at McGill’s school of the environment where he decided that farming was the best way to act on his ecological concerns.

    As such, Brendan traded in his skateboard for a harvest knife and went farming in BC, Ontario, and Spain. Along the way he discovered seeds, one of the reasons he’s now come to Tourne-Sol.

    Brendan is not sure whether his element of choice is water or heart. But it is probably heart.

  • Caitlyn Chappell

    Caitlyn Chappell

    Caitlyn worked on organic (and non-organic) farms in Quebec and B.C. before coming to Tourne-Sol. She is currently in Nova Scotia working as a nurse.

  • Carol Fraser

    Carol Fraser

    Carol grew up in the suburbs of Boston and graduated with a B.A. in German Studies & East Asian Studies from McGill University. Curious as to where her food was coming from, Carol started dabbling with farming.  Last year, Carol apprenticed on Ferme Lève-Tot with Richard and Charlotte (  (Richard was our first apprentice ever! This kind of makes Carol a Tourne-Sol grandchild.)

    Carol is also on the board of directors of CKUT 90.3 FM, McGill’s campus community radio station & she  blogs about her farming journey at

  • Cora-Lee Coll

    Cora-Lee Coll

    Cora-Lee grew up in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue by McGill’s farm fields. She discovered her passion for agriculture while working on different farms in Europe. She is studying organic agriculture the Cegep de Victoriaville in the Fall.

  • Craig Richard

    Craig wants to be part of the food revolution.

    While studying Geography at Concordia University, Craig’s interest in food and the environment collided, making him wonder  whether farming was the answer. So Craig took a break from his studies to complete a 6 month Farmer Trainer Program at the University of Vermont. One month into the program, Craig knew that farming was what he wanted to do with his life.

    Craig came back to Montreal to dabble in lacto fermentation and complete his geography degree.  Now he’s working with Tourne-Sol.

  • Eric Weber

    Eric Weber

    After 2 years of working at Tourne-Sol as a part time employee, Eric returned in 2009 as a full-time apprentice. He then went on to study organic agriculture in Victoriaville and has worked on a number of other farms since. Now, he‰’s looking for a farm of his own‰. In the meantime, Eric has started les Jardins du Gnome at the Plateforme Agricole de l’Ange Gardien.

  • Gregg Wolf

    Greg Wolff

    Greg was studying continental philosophy (specifically the French Phenomenologist Emmanuel Levinas) when he heard the call to go out and get his hands dirty. This brought him onto a series of farm leading to Tourne-Sol.

    Greg knows that working with the soil in some capacity will be part off his future and feels just about ready to take the plunge and start his own farm. The only question left is tractors, BCS walking tractors, or horses!

  • Heather Elliott

    Heather Elliott

    After her Tourne-Sol apprenticeship in 2010, Heather pursued a business start-up project in herb production in 2011. Currently she has bought land with friends, incorporated as a workers’ cooperative and started producing vegetables, herbs and other complementary products as of 2012. Sound familiar? You can find her at la ferme coopérative aux champs qui chantent

  • Jacques Desmarais

    Jacques Desmarais

    Coming from the computer tech world, Jacques pursued an apprenticeship at Tourne-Sol in 2009. Currently, Jacques lives in the West Island of Montreal with his wife Mel and daughter  Émilie.

  • Jonathan Bruderlein

    Jonathan Bruderlein

    Jonathan studied food production at McGill University. After his apprenticeship at Tourne-Sol in 2008, he went on to gain experience working with draft horses. He is now running a CSA farm in Dunham (QC) with his partner Joliane. Their farm is called Ferme M̩lilot.

  • Julien LG 1

    Julien Vedel

    Julien grew up in his parent’s restaurant. This likely seeded his love for good food.

    He studied cinema at Ahuntsic CEGEP but left partway to participate in a Katimavik exchange in Alberta. During Katimavik Julien discovered permaculture & urban agriculture. This led him to  study Permaculture in Cuba where he then heard about Tourne-Sol from Orelvis, a Cuban farmer who stayed with us in 2008.

    Julien volunteered at Tourne-Sol for a few days and must have enjoyed himself because after a stint building Earthships, Julien has come to work with us.

    Julien is also working hard to establish Flamboyant Fridays as a farm tradition.

  • Katrina Bjornson

    Katrina Bjornson

    Born on the beautiful west coast of British Columbia, Katrina grew up loving nature. A desire to learn more about agriculture began while working in a local health food store. Her desire to try out farming slowly grew while traveling across the globe. Coming back home from travels, she landed on a small farm in the sunny Okanogan. For the first few seasons, Katrina harvested cherries on various organic farms. Her passion for organic farming increased from summer to summer, leading to full seasons of work on vegetable farms. In 2012, she lived in Montreal and worked at Torne-Sol. She hopes to glean as much wisdom as possible from all the lovely farmers past and present to put towards her own farm someday? Hopefully soon.

  • Marie-Claude LG 1

    Marie-Claude Comeau

    Marie-Claude was raised in Ste-Sophie-de-Lévrard. She always knew that one days she’d leave the city to return to country living.

    One of Marie-Claude’s first loves was volcanoes, another was the environment.These merged well with her degrees in geology and chemistry at the Université du Québec à Montréal.

    While Marie-Claude was traveling around the world she wound up at a permaculture project. This opened her eyes to the world of agriculture. She started working on farms and gardens, and returned to school to study ornamental horticulture at l’École des Métiers de L’Horticulture. During a farm visit with her class, Marie-Claude came to Tourne-Sol. She decided then that she wanted to work for us. And here she is!

  • Marie Pier

    Marie-Pier Gosselin

    Marie-Pier was raised on an organic dairy farm in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Au Gré des Champs) . After a DEC in social science, traveling, then studying at l‰’Institut de Technologie Agroalimentaire de Saint-Hyacinthe in horticultural production and the environment, Marie-Pier apprenticed at Tourne-Sol in 2012. Marie-Pier is studying at McGill University to be an agronomist.

  • Myriam Hamelin

    Myriam Hamelin

    Myriam just graduated from McGill University. She did a summer apprenticeship on Tourne-Sol farm in 2011. Currently, she is working at McGill as a research assistant for a project on climate change and its impact on invasive plants.

  • Ramelot Lafleur Tremblay

    Ramelot Lafleur Tremblay

    Ramelot was raised on a small family farm in GaspÌésie. After his studies in history and traveling in Central America, Ramelot decided to study at l‰’Écoles des métiers de l‰’horticulture de Montréal. As he subsequently worked on an orchard and vegetable farms, Ramelot’s interest in organic agriculture fully developed and now he dreams that he wiill be an organic farmer.

  • Richard Williams

    Richard Williams

    Richard was the very first Tourne-Sol apprentice in 2007. Currently Richard farms near Wakefield, QC with his wife Charlotte. They run a CSA farm called Ferme Lève-tôt.

  • Roxanne Berger

    Roxanne Berger

    Roxanne studied in social sciences and now studies farm management at C̩EGEP Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Roxanne is planning on wrapping up her studies then going into agronomy. She hopes to have her own farm in the next 5 years.

  • Sophie Desc̫teaux

    Sophie Desôteaux

    Sophie is back for her second season with Tourne-Sol and has graduated up to field seed manager. While she waits for the great garlic  harvest, Sophie makes sure the seed crops stay weed free and get harvested on time.

    Sophie grew up in Trois-Rivières then completed a B.Sc in Environmental Sciences at l’Université du Québec à Montréal. After migrating from the city to the suburbs, Sophie now uses her backyard as an urban agricultural laboratory. When she’s not in the garden, Sophie rocks out with Sophie et ses Dalton and Jugband trio.

  • Tamara Dinter

    Tamara Dinter

    Raised in a gardening family on southern Vancouver Island, BC, Tamara’s interest in organic food production was cultivated during her time at university, where she was exposed to various sustainable agriculture methods and the joys of community gardening. After spending time on a biodynamic farm during a school hiatus, she was eager to get her hands dirty full time.After her Tourne-Sol apprenticeship, Tamara returned to BC to work on her family nursery (Dinter Nursery.)

  • Tom Robson

    Tom Robson

    Tom grew up on a farm, and then pursued a career in outdoor education. He came to Tourne-Sol in 2011 after spending a season farming at Everdale near Guelph (ON). Tom is plotting next steps whilst traveling with his sweetheart.

  • Xander Alkhoury

    Xander Alkhoury

    Xander farmed at Everdale in Guelph (ON) before coming to Tourne-Sol in 2011. He is currently farming in Nova Scotia.


    Yoan Gardner Patry

    The seed’s for Yoan’s farming desires were planted when he was young playing on his mother’s hobby farm amidst the chickens, boars, and vegetables.

    He subsequently studied electrical engineering and has been working at Hydro Quebec. But an urge to get out from behind a desk and get his hand’s in the dirt has brought him to many experiences farming and gardening in Australia, Germany, Poland, & Quebec.

    After visiting Tourne-Sol in 2014 for a seed saving workshop with Equiterre and having read Crop Planning for Organic Vegetable Growers, Yoan decided to join the Tourne-Sol team.

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