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6 Tips To Get Your Garden Plants Off To A Good Start

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    1. Harden off your seedlings before planting   Bring seedlings outdoors and gradually expose them to the cold, wind and sun. Acclimatising your plants to the sun may be less intuitive than acclimatizing them to the cold but it is equally important if they have spent time indoors (even just a week). Otherwise… Read more »

2015-01-22 Garlic Bulbils Porcelain

Growing Garlic From Bulbils

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What are bulbils? Garlic bulbils are the small bulbs that develop in the garlic scape if you leave it on the plant. Garlic scapes are often referred to as garlic flowers. However, scapes aren’t true flowers – the reproductive parts only partially form and they are not viable. As such, there is no cross pollination. The… Read more »