Elec-truck, Clean-powered local organic veggies!



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 Our Fundraiser campaign Was a great success! 

 We’ve collected over 23 000$ and surpassed our objective.

Thanks to all contributors!

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Electric vehicles seem to be everywhere these days, but electric trucks actually hauling goods to market… well, not so much. As organic farmers we’re keenly interested in cutting our emissions as we want to make a difference not only in how we grow food for local families but in how each food mile is powered. We want to lead by example, cut our emissions and inspire others to rethink their notions of what we can all do about emissions by delivering our organic veggies to local families in a first-of-its-kind ELEC-TRUCK!

Here at Tourne-Sol co-op farm we’ve already begun the process of converting all our farm’s small and medium-sized tools and machines to electric power and our growing expertise in this field has brought many rewards, accolades and incremental reductions in our GHG emissions but DIY projects won’t allow us to tackle the single biggest source of emissions on our farm: our delivery truck.

Tourne-Sol co-operative farm is a workers’ coop and an award-winning, widely respected organic farm producing vegetables and seeds for more than 700 local families and gardeners across North America.

With your help we are now ready to pursue a one-of-a-kind project to convert a 6000kg box truck to battery-electric power. It will replace our aging diesel van and become our farm’s sole delivery vehiclecutting emissions to zero for all our vegetable distribution kilometres from this point forward. We are partnering with the pioneers at Ecotuned Automobile in Varennes, QC to convert a Ford E-450 cube van using their proven drivetrain and battery packs. Ecotuned has developed and refined a complete replacement drivetrain for Ford E and F-series trucks which quickly transforms a new or used truck into an electric vehicle which is easy to repair, safe and reliable. The drivetrain can be migrated to new donor trucks repeatedly and will serve us and our customers for literally hundreds of thousands of emissions-free kilometres.

While truck builders large and small talk about the electrified future we’re not prepared to wait another 5-10 years for it to trickle down to us. We want to cut our emissions NOW and demonstrate that this technology is ready to be put on the road.

It is time we all start thinking differently about our transportation habits if we want the climate crisis to be anything other than a catastrophe and we believe that getting this truck on the road is our best contribution to changing how we work and how others perceive the options before us.

Thank you for your support and for helping us get the word out about this project. Please share widely and donate what you can to support.