How to keep your vegetables without plastic


By Brigitte Waston

long time customer who discovered us at market, and joined our basket program in 2012.


Hello folks!

Our wonderful farmers at TourneSol have taken a step towards reducing our plastic pollution by eliminating plastic carrier bags and produce bags from the baskets.

Maybe some of you are wondering what will you do to keep your vegetables fresh and yummy.

Check out this great reference sheet created by The Ecology Center in Berkeley, California

And here are some of the things I’ve learned about storing veggies with no plastic:

I’ve discovered that for storing vegetables, dishtowels work great.

I like to keep my greens fresh by putting them to bed. That’s what I like to call it because I’ll either put them in the crisper drawer or in a big bowl and tuck them in with a damp (not wet!) dishtowel. If I put them in a bowl, I cover it all with a plate. The important thing is to have them well tucked it, no air. The greens do well up to five days.

I’ll stick my root vegetables (carrots, beets, rutabaga) together (not to mix with the greens) in a crisper drawer and cover them with a dishtowel, too. But they can handle a bit of air.

For vegetables like green beans and peas, I store them in the reusable credo cloth bag in the crisper.
Herbs and asparagus, I put in a glass with some water, just like a bouquet of flowers. If it’s a cool in the house, I’ll leave them on the counter for a day or two.

I never put potatoes, garlic, onions, tomatoes, avocados or squash in the fridge.

I hope this doesn’t sound complicated! It takes a while to change habits, so give yourself plenty of time to adjust.

Please remember:
-Start with one thing at a time.
-Keep it simple by planning ahead.
-Over time you’ll develop a routine and it’ll become second nature.

It’s progress not perfection!

I’m happy to answer any questions, so write to me by email:

Here’s to beautiful plastic free vegetables!