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About Our Organic Vegetable Baskets



Are you already missing the crunchy lettuces, the juicy home-grown tomatoes, and the delicious summer bounty? 


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Basket details for 2022


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Vegetable pricing for 2022: 

The vegetable basket price is  33.35$/wk. Weekly members get a discount as detailed below.


Weekly Bi-Weekly
Number of baskets 22 11
Cost per basket x  $33.35 x  $33.35
Subtotal $733.70 $366.85
Discount for weeklies – $22
RFF contribution (+tx) $18 $18
Total Price $732.40 $387.55


Basket Options : 



We feel that our garlic pre-sales were a great success this year.

For clients, having reserved their garlic well in advance meant you they the peace of mind about their garlic supply for the fall/winter… But that was only true for those who had reserved their garlic in advance!!!

So don’t miss out, and know that the best way to reserve your garlic for next year is to add it to your basket subscription, right at signup, and do it now! 


Fruit baskets 

Slightly more than half of our members opt for the fruit basket. The fruit basket costs $ 11 per delivery. Local and organic fruits, however, are not available every week. Weekly members can add 12 weeks of fruit to their deliveries, and bi-weekly members have access to 6 weeks. Here is what we gave in the fruit basket in 2021

  • 2 weeks strawberries (3 pints),
  • 4 weeks blueberries (2 pints),
  • 2 weeks summer apples (5 lbs)
  • 2 weeks ground cherries (3 pints) or grapes (2 lbs)
  • 2 weeks fall apples (5 lbs).

This is subject to change based on our partner’s harvests.


Eggs baskets

Local, organic eggs can be found in farmer’s markets and in some grocery stores, but how many times have you tried to go and they were sold out? Reserve your dozen, and collect it along with your vegetable basket!

We offer organic eggs from Valens farm, at a cost of $ 7.50 per dozen. You sign up for the season, 11 or 22 deliveries.


Flower basket

Flowers bring beauty and joy to our daily lives. We grow them on the farm, and make superb bouquets which are offered from early July to end of August. 4 deliveries for bi-weekly and 8 for weekly members, at a cost of 15 (+ tx) per delivery.


November Basket

Add 3 weeks of freshness to your season by choosing the November basket!

In November we only deliver on Thursdays, to the farm and to Pointe Claire. They are same size baskets as during the year, with seasonal vegetables and freshly harvested items from our greenhouses.


Basket Details

Basket Size and Frequency

Tourne-Sol farm offers one size of basket. Our basket typically contains about 10 different certified organic vegetables that are freshly harvested and in season.  You can choose to pick it up every week or every 2 weeks (bi-weekly).

The weekly basket starts at the end of May and runs for 22 weeks until the third week of October.

With the bi-weekly basket you will get 11 deliveries, and although they are initially laid out on a bi-weekly schedule, you can use your online calendar to move your baskets however you like.




Basket Contents

We aim to provide lots of well-loved vegetables (carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers) as well as some unusual crops (kohlrabi, green garlic, celeriac, etc).

Typically, vegetables are not pre-boxed.  Members make up their own basket by following a blackboard list with the basket contents, and making their choices.

We also provide an exchange box where you can trade unwanted items.

And please bring your own bags or boxes! We use very little packaging, our vegetable basket is a great way to reduce packaging and waste!

Here are examples of what the baskets might look like at different times during the season :

Late June Early August Late September
1 head lettuce 1 head lettuce 1 head lettuce
250 g salad mix 1 quart tomatoes 3 red peppers
1 pint snap peas 1 quart onions 1 kg carrots
1 bunch basil 2 eggplants OR 1 bunch beets. 1 bulb garlic
1 bunch scallions 3 zucchini OR patty pan 1 bunch leeks
1 bunch garlic scapes 4 cucumbers 1 quart tomatoes
1 bunch turnips 1 bulb fresh garlic 1 celeriac OR turnips
1 bunch radish 1 pint cherry tomatoes 1 cabbage OR broccoli
1 bunch beets OR napa cabbage 1 bunch carrots 1 butternut squash
1 bunch parsley OR arugula 1 choice between: fennel, celery, cabbage. 1 herb choice : hot peppers, sage, thyme
1 herb choice : dill, basil, cilantro





We offer lots of choices in the basket. Members typically get 2 to 4 choice items in the basket. At the end of the season, our members really like our bulk root choices in which members get to fill up a large basket with their own selection of a wide variety of root vegetables (potatoes, carrots, beets, turnips, celeriac, etc.)



Delivery Locations

Members choose one delivery point for the season from which to collect their vegetables.

  • Beaconsfield, Metro Beaconsfield (50 Saint-Charles Blvd, in the parking lot), Tuesdays from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM.
  • Les Cèdres, La ferme Tourne-Sol (1035 ch. St-Dominique),
    • Early delivery on the TUESDAYS – 3pm to 6pm
    • Late delivery on the THURSDAY – 4pm to 7pm
  • Pointe-Claire, Metro-Plus Pointe-Claire (325 boul. Saint-Jean),  Thursdays from 4:30 PM – 6:30PM.

Vacations and Missed Baskets

What to do when you can’t come pickup your basket at the usual place and time?

If you are not able to come get your basket at the planned hour and location, you have 3 options.

1. Send someone to get the basket in your place.

  • It can be anybody, you don’t even need to tell us in advance.
  • They come to the delivery point and tell us the first and last names of your basket registration.
  • They can come pick up the basket and bring it back to you, or they can keep it for themselves (it’s a really nice gift!).

2. Come get your basket at the farm on the day following your delivery

  • Baskets that are not picked-up on the night of the delivery are pre-boxed and kept at the farm for ONE DAY.
  • Come to the farm (1035 chemin St-Dominique, les Cèdres), on the day following your delivery before 8pm. No need to warn us in advance.
  • The baskets will be pre-made in boxes and placed in a our self-serve fridge, just outside of the barn.  Please bring your own bags, transfer the vegetables, and leave us the box.
  • If you do not pick-up the vegetables on the day following your drop-off, we will donate them to the food bank

3. Use online calendar to change date/location yourself or get a credit.

  • Deadline for modifications is 48h before your scheduled delivery
  • Access calendar here: http://www.fermierdefamille.com/fermetournesol/calendar/
  • Instructions
    • Click on the basket or star symbol on the date of the delivery you want to move
    • A list of all available delivery dates and locations will appear
    • Click on the desired delivery location at the desired date, il will be highlighted in green if successful.
    • Go to the very end of the from, and click on the green button to « move the delivery »
    • The basket symbol represents a vegetable delivery. The star symbols represent a special delivery (eggs, fruit or flowers). Each basket must be moved individually.

    To obtain a credit on your account.

    • Click on the basket symbol at the date you want reimbursed
    • A list of all available delivery dates and locations will appear
    • At the bottom of the form, click on the “reimburse to slate” button
    • A confirmation message will appear, click to continue.
    • The credit is transferred to your account and can be used to purchase baskets or add-ons in the future.
    • Bi-weekly members can obtain credit for 1 week. Weekly members can obtain credit for 2 weeks.


To register you must:

  • complete the online form in the sidebar on the right (or at the bottom of the page on mobile devices).
  • Select the desired options, then enter your e-mail.
  • An e-mail will be sent to you to finalize the registration.
  • Click on the link found in the email, complete the form and confirm your purchase.



You can pay by interac e-transfer or by cheque.

  • Send Interac e-transfers to comptabilite@fermetournesol.qc.ca
  • Make cheques payable to “ferme coopérative Tourne-Sol” and mail to Ferme coopérative Tourne-Sol, 1035 ch. St-Dominique, les Cèdres, QC, J7T 1P5. Send all cheques at once.


Payment schedule

You can pay at once, or use the instalment schedule described in the online form. Note that your first payment includes a $50 non-refundable deposit. Please include all post-dated cheques in your envelope. If a more flexible payment schedule with more instalments would help you, we are very happy to customize your payment schedule, and it is easy to do. Register online, and contact Frédéric at paniers@fermetournesol.qc.ca, it will be our pleasure to meet your needs.

Refer new members to save!

Please share the registration form with your friends! For each referral that results in a new vegetable basket member before June 2021, we will issue a 10$ credit to the referring member. Your credit will be applicable to future basket purchases. A referral will only be valid if the new member indicates the name of the referring member in their registration form when we ask the question: “How did you hear about our farm?”. The new member has to select the answer “referred by a friend”, and provide the name of the referring member.



Nourishing families like yours with delicious organic and local produce is what gives meaning to our work, our farm and our lives. We will be very PROUD to become your FAMILY FARMERS !

Have a great winter,

See you next Spring!

Frederic and the Tourne-Sol Team