Robo-Tourne-Sol !

Meet our "Family Farmer Virtual Assistant"!


Robo-Tourne-Sol has been programmed by your family farmers to give you all kinds of culinary inspiration for using the produce in your organic baskets!

Ask him questions using complete sentences in the text bar below like:

  • Give me 5 recipe suggestions to use arugula.
  • Give me a recipe for spinach and chard risotto.
  • How do you cook butternut squash?
  • Give me local iron-rich vegetables and suggestions for using them.
  • What is the nutritional value of bok choi and its health properties?
  • How can I give an Indian touch to my local vegetable stir-fry?
  • etc.

If Robo-Tourne-Sol makes a mistake or gives you the wrong link, please ask again.

We're not responsible for what you do with the answers you get here. ;-)

 Have fun!

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