Details Organic Baskets

Basket size and frequency

Tourne-Sol farm offers one size of basket. Our basket typically contains about 10 different certified organic vegetables that are freshly harvested and in season.  You can choose to pick it up every week or every 2 weeks (bi-weekly).

The weekly basket starts at the end of May and runs for 22 weeks until the third week of October.

With the bi-weekly basket you will get 11 deliveries, and although they are initially laid out on a bi-weekly schedule, you can use your online calendar to move your baskets however you like.


basket contents month of May


Basket contents

We aim to provide lots of well-loved vegetables (carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers) as well as some unusual crops (kohlrabi, green garlic, celeriac, etc).

Typically, vegetables are not pre-boxed.  Members make up their own basket by following a blackboard list with the basket contents, and making their choices.

We also provide an exchange box where you can trade unwanted items.

And please bring your own bags or boxes! We use very little packaging, our vegetable basket is a great way to reduce packaging and waste!

Here are examples of what the baskets might look like at different times during the season. 

Late June

Early August

Late September

1 head lettuce

1 head lettuce

1 head lettuce

250 g salad mix

1 quart tomatoes

3 red peppers

1 pint snap peas

1 quart onions

1 kg carrots

1 bunch basil

2 eggplants OR 1 bunch beets.

1 bulb garlic

1 bunch scallions

3 zucchini OR patty pan

1 bunch leeks

1 bunch garlic scapes

4 cucumbers

1 quart tomatoes

1 bunch turnips

1 bulb fresh garlic

1 celeriac OR turnips

1 bunch radish

1 pint cherry tomatoes

1 cabbage OR broccoli

1 bunch beets OR napa cabbage

1 bunch carrots

1 butternut squash

1 bunch parsley OR arugula

1 choice between: fennel, celery, cabbage.

1 herb choice : hot peppers, sage, thyme

1 herb choice : dill, basil, cilantro




basket contents month of august


The pleasure of choosing!

We offer lots of choices in the basket. Members typically get 2 to 4 choice items in the basket. At the end of the season, our members really like our bulk root choices in which members get to fill up a large basket with their own selection of a wide variety of root vegetables (potatoes, carrots, beets, turnips, celeriac, etc.)



Content basket month of September


Delivery Points

Members choose one delivery point for the season from which to collect their vegetables.

  • Beaconsfield, Metro Beaconsfield (50 Saint-Charles Blvd, in the parking lot), Tuesdays from 4:15 PM to 6:30 PM.
  • Les Cèdres, La ferme Tourne-Sol (1035 ch. St-Dominique),
    • NEW SCHEDULE in 2023
    • Tuesdays AND Thursdays - 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM. 
  • Pointe-Claire, Metro-Plus Pointe-Claire (325 boul. Saint-Jean),  Thursdays from 4:15 PM to 6:30 PM.


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    To register you must:

    • Use the form below
    • Select your delivery point, your options and enter your email.
    • Instructions and a link to a secure page will be emailed to you
    • Click on the link in your email, complete the form and confirm your purchase.



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    You can pay by interac e-transfer or by cheque.

    • Send Interac e-transfers to
    • Make cheques payable to “ferme coopérative Tourne-Sol” and mail to Ferme coopérative Tourne-Sol, 1035 ch. St-Dominique, les Cèdres, QC, J7T 1P5.  Please send all cheques at once.



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