Tourne-Sol Seed Fundraising Campaign Opportunity

Seed fundraiser campaigns

Are you looking for an innovative, eco-friendly and inspiring fundraising campaign idea for your school or sports team ?

We have just launched a new fundraising campaign opportunity with Tourne-Sol Seed Packets! 

We want more school communities and families to adopt gardening across Quebec and we want to help you raise funds for your projects!


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The Advantages


By offering local organic seeds, you will be able to

  • Encourage young people to try a healthy diet and develop a taste for gardening
  • Support a small local Quebec business
  • Take positive action for our environment

We will be happy to work with you to set up your fundraising campaign!



How does fundraising work? It's super simple!


We have created a process to make fundraising as simple as possible for organizers.

Contact us so that we can create a promo code for your project.

Then, you promote the campaign to your group via email, social media, message to parents, etc.

We will take all orders on our website and prepare all orders individually.

All orders will then be shipped to the address of your choice in a single shipment and you can arrange distribution.

Once the campaign is over, we will send you 50% of the total amount of sales that were made with your promo code!!!


It's that simple!


In summer, your participants will have the pleasure of gardening and harvesting tasty varieties developed and selected with love by our team for the Quebec climate!


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wonderful organic vegetables from your garden!



Other details:

  • Only seed packets are part of the fundraising campaign. They are sold for $4.49 + taxes.
  • If participants purchase bulk seed formats or books, these will not be part of the amount given to the fundraiser organizer.
  • At checkout, participants must enter the promo code and select the **Ship** option. We cannot add the promo code after the order has been placed.
  • We will send you a flyer with information about our farm, your promotional code and how to order.
  • We will personalize the flyer based on any order management requests, such as adding a class number.
  • You can choose to leave the promo code active for 2 to 4 weeks.
  • All orders will be shipped in one shipment, free of charge.




How are seeds delivered?

We will send all orders in a single shipment to the school to the address you choose when you register.

When is the best time to organize a seed fundraiser? 

We recommend a 2-3 week campaign in February or March. April is also a good option.

Do you have templates for e-mails or promotional mailings that you will provide to parents?

Yes, we will send you templates to facilitate your communications and promotion of the project to school parents.

Is there a minimum order for customers?

There is no minimum order. Parents simply order the seeds they want from our store and enter the promo code associated with your school. This will remove the shipping costs and we will send their individual order, separately packaged in their name, to your school.

Do customers pay the farm directly?

Yes, customers pay the farm directly by completing their shopping cart. The farm then transfers the funds collected to the school at the end of the campaign.

How is the school paid?

The farm will send the total fundraising amount to the school in a single cheque at the end of the campaign. The names and addresses for receiving the cheque are chosen during the registration process.


Do you know someone who might be interested?


Send them the link to this page!

THANKS! ;-) 


Frederic, Julien and the Tourne-Sol Team!