Maîtrisez l'art de la mise en conserve des tomates: un guide complet


Master the Art of Tomato Canning: A Comprehensive Guide

Frédéric Thériault

A complete guide to canning tomatoes at home, preserving them and using them in the kitchen.

Make a Farm Fresh Flower Bouquet

Frédéric Thériault

If you have ever wondered how to harvest and arrange a professional looking bouquet, here are some simple tips and tricks that will give you confidence and results, whether you are harvesting from your own garden or the pick-your-own field at Tourne-Sol.

5 tasty ways to enjoy your radishes

Frédéric Thériault

Crisp, tangy and undeniably refreshing, radishes are much more than just a spring vegetable to nibble on with a little salt. In fact, they come in many shapes, colors and flavors, and there's a whole diversity of them to be found in autumn (watermelon radish, daikon, amethyst, etc.). Often relegated to the role of simple garnish, these little roots deserve a place of choice in our daily cooking. Skeptical?Let me convince you with these 5 great ways to enjoy your radishes and turn them into the stars of your dishes, from starters to the heart of the meal. Whether you're an aficionado of classic flavors or a gustatory adventurer, these tips will revolutionize the way you look at this crunchy vegetable!

Festive Winter Recipe with Beets, Chinese Cabbage and Cilantro from your Organic Basket

Frédéric Thériault

Looking for a winter recipe to brighten up your evenings and get you in the holiday spirit? Think of some of the vegetables we gave away in our last organic basket deliveries in November: beets, Chinese cabbage and cilantro! Now let's combine them for a festive winter salad, and add a tangy, surprising vinaigrette!