The Tourne-Sol farm team

Our Farm

Our cooperative farm has 9 members and about 15 employees who are all passionate about healthy food, gardening, seed production and ecology.

This common interest led us to start the Tourne-Sol Cooperative Farm in the fall of 2004. The farm is a worker's cooperative. By working together and following agro-ecological principles, we have succeeded in creating a democratic, diverse and sustainable company.

La Ferme Coopérative Tourne-Sol is located in Les Cèdres, Quebec, approximately 60 km west of Montreal. Find us with Google Maps.

The farm has 7 ha (17 acres) of land which it partly owns and partly leases from organic field crop producers.

Our mission is to generate agricultural products of the highest quality that respect the standards of organic farming and the principles of agro-ecology; to build strong community ties in our region; and promote organic agriculture as a viable food production system.


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